How to use

Charge with the USB cable included in your pack for approx. 1 hour.
Please make sure the arrow on the jar aligns directly above the power button.
Rinse your Bliss Blender before use
Add your desired liquid first, then your solids, make sure you don’t overfill
Ensure the lid is tightened and double click the power button for a full cycle blend



Using the USB cable included you can charge your Bliss Blender with a variety of ports from your phone charger, laptop or your USB port in your car. Full charge is approx. 3hours and lasts for approx. 12 blends.

Flashing lights mean the jar is not aligned with the base. Simply twist until the magnets connect and align. This is a safety feature to ensure the blades don’t spin without the cup being secure.   


Always clean your Bliss Blender after each use to avoid food from drying up and sticking to the blades.

Fill the cup about ¾ full with warm (not hot) water add a drop of dishing washing soap and blend for one full cycle. Pour out liquid and rinse with clean water.


    WARNING: Please note do not submerge bottom of blender in water, if water gets in the charger port this will burn the motor out, which will VOID the warranty.

    Do not let children use Bliss Blender. Adult supervision is necessary.

    Do not put the blender in the microwave or dishwasher.

    Do not put your hands inside the blender or anywhere near the blades.

    Do not use with boiling liquids.



    If the ice or frozen fruit gets wedged between the blades before blending, the blades will not spin. When blending frozen fruits, allow them to sit in liquid for 30secs - 1min before blending.

    If your blender jams, flip it upside down to un-wedge the ingredients from the blades. Whilst it's upside down you can unscrew the base partially to help loosen the ingredients that are stuck.

    Always pour your liquid into the blender before the ice/fruit or desired ingredients . Be sure to not overfill. 

    We recommend starting your blend upside down, then slowly turning your Bliss Blender the right way up and doing the bartender shake to help move everything around.