Strawberry & Cream Cheesecake Pancake Sandwiches


Pancake Batter ingredients- 

1 cup Self raising flour 

1/2 cup Almond flour 

1 Cup plant milk 

4 Tsp Coconut sugar 

1 Egg 

1/2 Cup Strawberries  

Cheese cake Cream Ingredients 

1/2 Cup Cream Cheese 

1/2 Cup dollop Cream 

1 Tsp Vanilla 

3 Tsp Honey 

Extra Ingredients-

Extra Strawberries about 3-4  

4 Tsp Coconut flakes  

4 tsp Honey  

2 Tsp Icing Sugar 

2 Tsp Coconut oil  

4 Tsp Dollop cream

 Method - First up to make your Pancake  batter add all your batter ingredients into your bliss blender and blend to a smooth consistency. The batter will be pink in colour. Once done set aside. 

Next up prepare your Cheese cake cream again pop all ingredients into your bliss blender and blend to a silky and creamy consistency. Set aside in the fridge ! In a medium hot pan add some Coconut oil, add your pancake batter to make the pancakes. Cook on one side until bubbles form at the top of the pancakes then flip and cook on the other side for about 1 -2 minutes on medium heat. 

To assemble take one pancake add your cream cheese cake filling then cover with another pancake to resemble a sandwich. Keep adding one on top of the other. Then top with extra cream, sliced Strawberries, Coconut flakes, Honey & dust with icing sugar. Seriously takes like a Strawberry cheesecake !