Salted Caramel Green Smoothie Bowl

Caramel flavours, Banana, Greens, Dates & Peanut Butter – what a combo! 



1 Tsp Hemp seeds 

Handful Zucchini 

2 Dates 

1 Tsp Peanut Butter 

1-2 Bananas 

4-6 Ice cubes 

1/2 Cup Almond milk 

1/2 Cup Spinach 

1 Tsp Chia seeds 

2 Tsp Protein Powder ( Salted Caramel or Vanilla) 



1 Tsp Shredded Coconut

3-4 Strawberries 

1 Tsp Hemp seeds 

1 Tsp Chia seeds 

1 Tsp Cacao nibs 

Add Hemp seeds, Zucchini, Dates, Bananas, Ice, Almond milk, Spinach, Chia seeds, Peanut Butter, Protein Powder to your Bliss Blender and blend together add more Almond milk & Ice to get the perfect consistency. 

Next up add toppings of your choice. 

I’ve added Shredded Coconut, Sliced Strawberries, Hemp seeds, Chia seeds & Cacao nibs for extra crunch. Enjoy 😉