Coconut Lychee Daiquiri


Try this heavenly Cocktail, A drink that suggests tropics, beach, and sunny days under palm trees.



1 Cup Lychees Fresh or Canned pips removed

1/4 cup white rum or more if you prefer 😉

1/2 squeezed fresh lime juice

200 mls Coconut Cream 

4-6 Mint leaves 

2 Tsp Coconut sugar or raw Sugar 

1/2 cup of ice,


Simply pop all of your ingredients into your Bliss Blender & blend all of these ingredients until a silky smooth consistency and pour into a large coupe or cocktail glass. 

Garnish with a Lime wedge, extra Mint or an edible flower, if desired. 

Top with Coconut flakes & add crushed ice on top. Leave the Rum out to enjoy Enjoy an alcohol free Mocktail just replace the Rum with Coconut water or Lychee syrup 😉